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Superfood World First House Built - Funded by Our Customers Through Our 25% Profit Donation Pledge

Superfood World House - 25% Donation Pledge Charity - MRI
We are pleased to announce that the First Superfood World House funded by our customers through our Founding Pledge to donate 25% of our profits to charity has been completed. A big thank you to all of our customers for making this and all our charity projects possible! 
Superfood World House Plaque - Superfoods
We are humbled to reach this milestone and to be able to share with you what a difference your purchase of Superfood World products makes to the lives of others around the world. 
Adbdul Samadi Shereef is a fisherman i n Trincomlaee in Sri Lanka. He suffers from heart disease and struggled to provide for his wife and four children.
He used to live in this basic metal shanty hut which provided limited protection from the rapidly changing weather conditions and limited privacy for his family.
Superfood World funded the building of this built a purpose built brick house through our strategic partnership with our charity partner, Medical Relief International (MRI) which has provided a great improvement in the standard of living and dignity for his family.
Superfood World Charity
Foundations Being Dug for The Superfood World House 
Walls Going Up On The Superfood World House
Roof Completed on The Superfood World House
Completed Superfood World House
  Adbdul Samadi Shereef and His Family Moving into Their New Home
Before and after Superfood World House - 25% Profits Donation Charity pledge - social entrepreneurship - social enterprise

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