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Construction Begins on the Superfood World House Funded by Our Customers

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We are pleased to announce that construction has now started on the Superfood World House.  It was our founding pledge when setting up Superfood World to donate 25% of our profits to support charitable projects.  Our aim was to raise the first £1,000 to help build a house for a poor family as part of the MRI Sustainable Housing Project in Sri Lanka and you have now made this possible.

We would like to thank all our loyal customers who are helping to support projects like this.  The poor family who will benefit from this purpose built home are currently living in a very basic metal hut which is exposed to the elements.  The father suffers from a heart condition and has to provide for his five children.  Their new house will help to provide them with them with a huge improvement in their standard of living, privacy, protection from the weather and dignity.


You can follow updates on the construction of the House here on our Superfood World Charity Blog as well as the Medical Relief International Instagram Page where you can find drone footage of their recently built houses in Sri Lanka




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