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August - September 2017 Donation Update

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Superfood World House

We would to say thank you to our all of our Superfood World customers who have helped us raise £424 from August to September 2017 for Medical Relief International (MRI).  That's great news because it means we're almost half way there to raise £1000 for our first project  which is to build a house for a poor family in Sri Lanka.

The photo above shows one of the many houses built by Medical Relief International as part of their sustainable house building project.  The house on the left shows a family's house before moving into their new purpose built brick home.  It shows what a real difference these projects can make to a families who have to survive in the most basic conditions which open the elements.

Medical Relief International have raised funds to build 22 houses with construction of houses No.12-16 currently underway.  Superfood World is raising funds to build house No 23.  Keep tuned for updates as we move forward with this charity project funded by YOU.

Our founding pledge at Superfood World is donate 25% of profits to charity which means when you purchase from Superfood World you not only benefit your own health with the finest Organic Superfoods but you also help improve the lives of others at the same time.

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