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Providing Water for Poor Families in Jordon

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Water Tank Project for Families

Our charity partner, Medical Relief International have now launched their Water Project in Jordon.  A few days ago 30 water tanks were donated and installed for families who have no clean drinking facilities, some of the families had no means of even sharing water with a neighbour.
These 2000 LTR tanks are the only means of drinking water and storage for them. Jordan is in the top 3 countries with the least amount of water. We can't live without water so providing people with water is an essential basic of life!
Superfood World Charity Medical Relief
When you buy from Superfood World you help project like these with our founding 25% donation promise.  We donate 25% of our profits to Medical Relief International (MRI) to help fund, poverty relief, medical aid and sustainability projects.
You can follow the work of Medical Relief International of Facebook here
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