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Organic Chlorella 500 Tablets

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  • THE ULTIMATE DETOX SUPERFOOD - Superfood World Chlorella Tablets are the Ultimate Detox Superfood. Chlorella is one nature's most powerful and most researched superfoods. Chlorella contains the most Chlorophyll of any known plant and an array of beneficial vitamins, minerals and amino acids vital for health. It binds to harmful metals and makes it easier for your body to remove them naturally. Superfood World Chlorella provides incredible value with 500 Tablets in our premium resalable pouch.
  • POWERFUL ANTI AGING ANTIOXIDANTS - Chlorella is world renowned for being one of the most powerful antioxidant Superfoods that supports healthy digestive, skin, eye, immune and brain health. It also supports healthy Cholesterol and Blood Sugar levels as well as boosting Glutathione levels. By eliminating free harmful free radicals, you can enjoy increased energy, vitality and younger, more natural radiant looking skin.
  • HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS - Detoxifying the body with Chlorella can lead to improved circulation and a boosted metabolism. Due to its detoxifying properties Chlorella can help the removal of unwanted stored fat, excess cholesterol and toxins. Coupled with regular diet and exercise, you can lose weight faster, safer and more reliably with Chlorella.
  • UK 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC - You only deserve the best when you purchase Superfood World Organic Premium Chlorella Tablets. Our pure Chlorella Tablets are gluten free, non GMO, Packaged, Tested and Sealed in the United Kingdom, Certified Organic by Organic Farmers & Growers and Registered with both the Vegan & Vegetarian Societies.  Recommended Daily Dose:  Start with 1-2 tablets/day and gradually increase to 4 tablets/day. If you have a known medical condition, are pregnant or breast feeding we advise you to consult your doctor prior to taking Chlorella. 
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